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    * Mind Mapping Workshop

    * Mind Mapping Workshop


Course Summary

Length: 3 days (full day training)

Hours: 6 hours/day

Language: Arabic - English

Location: 1 Zahraa El Maadi st, Rihana Residence, Tower B3, 2nd floor, Office 8, Maadi

Office Name: Peak

Date: 21 - 22 - 29 July 2017

Trainer: Sahar Samy

Material: Printed Material – CD

Certificate: Thinkbuzan practitioner certificate.

Course type:

Price: 2000 EGP

Price icludes: 2 coffee breaks , lunch break, Certificate

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Course overview


Over the last few years Mind Mapping has been recognized by companies as an effective communication tool that improves brainstorming and collaboration sessions. By visualizing concepts and connections in a Mind Map, people can follow conversations better and contribute more during meetings. Mind Mapping is often seen as an alternative to traditional linear presentations such as PowerPoint or flip charts.

The business users of Mind Mapping believe their productivity has increased on average by 50%.


 Through the following targets:

Ø  Learn practical Mind Mapping techniques – confidently apply them to your everyday process.

Ø  Identify and understand a project – Mind Maps offer you a visual (non linear) structure to maximize the thinking potential of your brain.

Ø  Add structure – Mind Maps are a good way to plan and structure projects, presentations, writing and other business tasks.

Ø  Refresh your thinking– the single page format allows you to revisit a subject, refresh it and where required review that subject quickly and easily.

Ø  Involve your challenges – the simple format means others can read, understand and add their own ideas.

Ø  Enhance creativity – promote free thinking and become more creative.

Ø  Improves memory – the structure of a Mind Map makes it easier for you to remember more.

Ø  Save time – Mind Maps can be adapted to almost any task and will improve efficiency and help you to become more effective.


Course Agenda:

1. Mind Mapping Technique (Day 1)

During this session, you will learn how to read and produce mind maps. You will learn the technique to build a map from start to finish and explore how to enhance your map for memory and learning purposes. You will also learn how to do quick-think maps which will be of benefit in the work environment.

ü  Class Introductions

ü  Certificate Overview

ü  Course Overview


2. Mind Maps at Work (Day 2)

This session focuses on how to use mind maps to brainstorm new ideas, make decisions, plan and prioritise, solve problems, take notes in meetings, make notes from printed materials, prepare and present information. You will create several mind maps to enable you to practice your new skills.


3. Practical Mapping (Day 3)

This session gives you the opportunity to work on your own mind mapping project e.g., brainstorming new ideas, planning a project etc. You will create your own mind map(s) from materials you personally bring to the workshop e.g., reports, documents, books, newspapers and magazines, creative briefs, project briefs.

Course features:

This program is designed to use different kind of practical techniques, group exercise, team games and open discussions, to give participants valuable skills and techniques to develop their performance.



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