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MMC Definition:


Mind Maps are the way to:



- Use all your brain abilities.

- Use the two halves of your brain.

- Know your great abilities of thinking, memorize and creating new ideas.

-  Know how to deal with untitled and unarranged, great amount of information.

- Know what is the perfect way for your brain to study and memorize.

- To feel confidence in your life.

- Have a funny and great life.

- Improve your thinking style.

- Have a clear thinking.

By use and feed all your sense and matching your thinking style by using colors, pictures, symbols, stories and grouped information.









Other definitions:


 A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea.



 The Mind Map is an expression of Radiant Thinking and is therefore a natural function of the human mind. It is a powerful graphic technique which provides a universal key to unlocking the potential of the brain. The Mind Map can be applied to every aspect of life where improved learning and clearer thinking will enhance human performance.

The Mind Map hasfour essential characteristics:
- The subject of attention is crystallized in a central image.
- The main themes of the subject radiate from the central image on branches.
- Branches hold a key image/word printed on the associated line - details radiate out.
- The branches form a connected nodal structure.


 Mind Mapping is a powerful technique allowing you to make the best use of your brain power. Using Mind Mapper, with mind mapping techniques makes you more productive by harnessing the full range of your cortical and creative skills. It helps you convert any random thoughts generated while you are the most creative into the linear thoughts needed most when communicating.  


 Mind Map uses visual thinking to create an organized display of the plan, problem, or project—a diagram that mirrors the way our brains naturally processes information. Information and tasks radiate out from a central theme or goal, rather than falling below a header, as in a list. Related items link with connecting lines. New items can be captured randomly and then organized into the larger scheme, with new ideas flowing naturally as the map gains detail. Information can be illustrated with symbols, words, color, images, links, and attachments to add context, helping to reveal new directions, greater clarity, and big ideas.”


  Mind Mapping is one of the best ways to organize your thinking on a specific theme. While a mind map is essentially a graphic organizer, there are a myriad of techniques people employ in creating one. Once you learn the basic elements of mind mapping, you can adapt the process to fit your specific needs and learning style.


Mind Maps are brainstorming diagrams based on a central idea or image, typically used to aid in organization, problem solving and decision making. Mind maps use a non-linear graphical form that allows the user to build an intuitive framework around the central idea.