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How to make 2


Action  Explanation
 1. Take a blank piece of paper, A4 or larger.                          Blank paper allows 360º of freedom to express the full range of your cortical skills, whereas pre-drawn lines restrict the natural flow of your thoughts.
 2. Use the paper in landscape orientation.  Words and images have more space in the direction we write, so they don’t bump into margins as quickly.
 3. Start in the center.  Thoughts start in the center of our mental world. The Mind Map page reflects this!

4. Make a central image that represents the topic about which you are writing/thinking:

· Use at least three colours.

·  Keep the height and width of the central image to approx. 2’’ or 5 cm (proportionately larger for bigger paper).

Allow the image to create its own shape (do not use a frame).


A picture is worth a thousand words. It opens up associations, focuses the thoughts, is
fun and results in better recall:

    ·    Colours stimulate the right cortical activity of imagination as well as capturing and holding attention.


    ·     This size gives plenty of space for the rest of your Mind Map, while making it large enough to be the clear focus of the topic.


The unique shape makes it more memorable and enjoyable. A frame makes the center a monotony of shape and disconnects the branches.

 5. The main themes around the central image are like the chapter headings of a book:

     ·  Print this word in CAPITALS or draw an image.

     ·    Place on a line of the same length

     ·    The central lines are thick, curved and organic i.e. like your arm joining your body, or the branch of a tree to the trunk.

       Connect directly to the

       central image.