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How to Make a Mind Map in 8 Steps



Step 1: Start at the center of the page

Our mind focuses on the center of the page. That’s why mind mapping begins with a word or image.

That symbolizes what you want to think about placed in the middle of the page.


Step 2: Don’t be serious!

Write down or draw the first things that come up in your mind when you start to think about


related issues, persons, object, goals, etc.


Put your thoughts around the central thought. Any idea is game, even if it looks strange or unimportant.






Step 3: Free associate

As ideas emerge, print one or two word descriptions of the ideas on lines branching from the central focus.


Allow the ideas to expand outward into branches and sub branches.


Put down all ideas without sub-judgment or evaluation.






Step 4: Think as fast as you can


Come up with an explosion of ideas. Translate them in words, images, codes or symbols.







Step 5: Break Boundaries

Break through that says you have to write on white, letter-size paper with black ink or pencil.


Use size ledger paper or easel paper or cover an entire wall with butcher paper ...


the bigger the paper, the more ideas you'll have.


Use wild colors, fat colored markers, crayons, or skinny felt tipped pens.






Step 6: Don’t judge to fast

Again, everything is possible. Unrelated issues might be relevant later on.


Think like you are rything brainstorming.


Otherwise, your mind will get stuck like a record in that "unrelated word" groove and


you'll never generate those great ideas.






Step 7: Keep Moving.

Keep your hand moving. If ideas slow down, draw empty lines, and watch your brain automatically find ideas to put on them.


or change colors to reenergize your mind.


Stand up and mindmap on an easel pad  to generate even more energy.






Step 8: Add relationships and connections


Sometimes you see relationships and connections immediately and you can add sub-branches to a main idea. Sometimes you don't, so you just connect the ideas to the central focus. Organization can always come later; the first requirement is to get the ideas out of your head and onto the paper.