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Study efficiently to your kids



  How to study effectively for your children workshop


Do you ever wish to improve your children’s memory and their ability of absorb information?

How many times you feel sure of the intelligence of your children but you don’t find the way to make the best results in study?

How many times have you wished that you can understand how your children’s mental work to deliver information correctly to them?

Learn how to study effectively for your children with the latest methods and discover their hidden mental skills.

This session will help you:

-    Understanding how memory works and how to motivate it.
-    Understanding how their minds work and their comprehension levels.
-    Understanding how to attract your children in all ages for studying.
-    Make your children practice the latest scientific methods and techniques that used globally in studying.

Course contents:
-    Identifying the best learning method to your children.
-    Identify what is the learning style for your children.
-    Types of memory.
-    Introduction to Mind Map.
-    Rules of excellence and hoe to explain it to the children.
-    Subconscious rules and how to use it to convince the others.
-    Memory exercise.
-    Rhythm of memory.
-    How to summarize more than a hundred pages in only one page.
-    Testing process for your children to measure the absorbance and the best style for them.

Session contains practical examples of lessons of all ages and how to study it for children more easily.

How to study effectively for your children workshop

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Course duration: 3 days, respectively.